Bundle of 3! Spiker, Deep Pockets & King of the Mountain NIS Cartridges for Intellivision Console

This is a bundle of 3 products, newly manufactured by Blue Sky Rangers, Inc.

  • Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball
  • Deep Pockets
  • King of the Mountain

Each is a complete, new in shrinkwrappped box Intellivision game! Includes:

  • Game cartridge
  • Box
  • Instruction manual
  • Pair of overlays
  • Unique serial number sticker

About the games:


The last game produced by INTV for the Intellivision, Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball follows the rules of real volleyball, as the object of the game is to hit the ball over the net and hope that the opposing team is unable to return the ball within three hits. The first team to 15 points with at least a two-point advantage wins the game. Best three out of five wins the match.

Offensively, you control sets, passes, spikes (including super spikes) and the speed as well as the direction of the serve. Defensively, you can execute digs, dives, and blocks. By using the numeric keypad, you can aim the ball at any of the various zones on either side of the net. While you only control one player, you can switch between players at any time. The players not under your control at any given time will play to the best of their abilities, depending on the skill level (1-6) you have chosen for them.

Two modes of volleyball are available: two-on-two outdoor and six-on-six indoor. Play the game against the computer or challenge a friend. Better yet, team up with a friend and try to beat the computer. In whichever mode you choose, a referee (or at least his whistle) is on hand to call four different violations: player touches net, player goes under net while diving, ball hits ground and serve touches net.


Deep Pockets gives you fast-breaking pool-playing fun in 9 different ways; all with music and realistic sound effects. This is the closest thing yet to the feel of real billiards hall action. There is no need to wait for a table so chaulk up your cue stick and rack up those balls. Get ready, get set, break! The balls scatter and you are behind the 8-ball! It will take a steady hand and a sharp eye to clear the table.

  • Play against a friend, or practice "against yourself" in 1 player games, you control both players 1 and 2.
  • Player 1 will see prompts and scores in RED, and player 2 will see BLUE.
  • When selecting 2 player mode, you will then be prompted how many matches you wish to play or up to how many points.

Deep Pockets coaches you through each step prior to actually shooting your shot


Head up the mountain, avoiding bears, boulders and inclement weather. But first, stock up on supplies -- you won't get far without food and shelter. But don't overpack -- the extra weight will slow you down.

Reach the top of the mountain by managing the quantity of Fire, Food, Water, Ammunition, Shelter, Raft you carry. Watch for weather conditions and do not exhaust the $300 you are given when purchasing your goods. As you climb the mountain, your health is shown by the color of your climber. Red is full health, Blue is Medium health and Yellow is low health.

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